One of the interesting, or possibly boring, things about making “dark age” clothing is how consistent a lot of it is. While there are a number of garments that are decidedly different to make, like the Viborg shirt, they tend to be rapidly recognisable, while you can create a whole range of styles as variations on a simple theme.

I’m currently gearing/psyching myself up for my first proper kitmaking since before we moved, and am aiming to solve my ongoing lack of a decent under-tunic by making one using some lovely mustard coloured linen I picked up in a fit of enthusiasm after the show at Corfe Castle on the May bank holiday weekend. This means I have to decide how I’m going to sew it as well as the exact design I'm going to work to.

Recently started tablet weave with teaspoon-beater

I first tried tablet weaving not long after joining The Vikings, and really didn't get on with it. I came back to it a few years later, and got on fine, doing some reasonable stuff in hardy linen thread (though it was a little on the thick side) and some that was pretty-good-if-I-say-so-myself in Appleton's Crewel Wool (which is uneven, weak, and snaps all the time!). Then, with moving house and Real Life I'd not done any for ages, but recently I've made moves toward starting again.

Following on from my last post, it's been a busy summer: hence the long silence - but there's been a little weaving...

Work has continued to be crazy-busy, and house renovations have continued with some completion to the point of having to tackle a whole load of flatpack in much of what "spare"time I have.