't Smidge, a traditional Belgian tune... 

This is the second tune in my attempt to record a tune from a different EU country every month by the time the UK leaves the EU.

This was a bit easier than Austria, and didn't take too long to get to this stage. I decided to say "good enough" to give myself a longer run in for Bulgaria as that's going to be a difficult one.


The longer notes and the rhythm of the B part in this I'm going to have to keep plugging away at to get it reliably right, but it's quite a fun "Morris-y" sort of a tune.

There's also a fun-looking folk-dance to it:



Okay, so the Lilliput's a bit fiddly for new & complicated tunes, and with this as a really good excuse I picked up a cheap "good enough" Erica from the friendly and helpful Roger Thomas. It's one that he'd been using for himself - not good enough sell as "good" but perfectly usable and a little too good to justify restoring.

So I thought I'd do another take of Belgium's tune to put it through its paces and test out my new camera as a video of actual playing rather than sound & pictures is probably a little less dull.

The left hand strap's too tight, which was a little off putting (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it), but I've an adjustable one ready to fit later this morning.

Comments and criticism (other than "stop buying melodeons", I know that one) welcome.